Did Carrie Fisher Sleep With George Lucas?

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You may wonder, why did carrie fisher regret star wars? "All I did when I was really famous," she said, "was wait for it to end." By her estimation, then, she didn't regret filming Star Wars due to any sort of disagreement with the rest of the film's crew or even its content, but simply because of its eventual popularity.

Similarly one may ask, did harrison sleep with carrie? As revealed in a final memoir from the late Carrie Fisher titled The Princess Diarist, however, it was revealed that an affair did indeed take place between the married 33-year-old Ford and a young Fisher when she was aged just 19.

Besides above, did jabba do anything leia? Jabba the Hutt never had sex with Leia or any other slave girl in his palace because he was and had always been in love with Han Solo.

Likewise, was carrie fisher friends with harrison ford? After shooting wrapped, Fisher and Ford parted ways and remained friends through the years. One month before she died, Fisher shared details about the memoir in multiple interviews.

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