Did Hope Kill Landon By Sleeping With Him?

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You may wonder, did landon dissolve because he slept with hope? Landon broke up with Hope earlier this season on 'Legacies'

Earlier this season on Legacies, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) loses Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) to the Malivore pit right after they sleep together for the first time. Knowing she's toxic to Malivore, she believes Landon dissolved into the mud because of her.

Similarly one may ask, did hope sleep with malivore? That seemingly confirmed that Malivore didn't pose as Landon on the return to Earth, but more importantly, he didn't sleep with Hope either. The Necromancer offered Landon a deal and hoped, in doing so, they could both be released from the Prison World simultaneously.

Besides above, does hope kill landon? Hope ultimately fulfills her destiny in the beginning of Season 4, activating her powers to finally kill the series' big bad “Malivore” by stabbing Landon (whose body had been inhabited by Malivore).

Likewise, why can't hope and landon sleep together? Landon is also Malivore's son (and a phoenix/human), so it stands to reason that Hope's blood is toxic to him, too. By this logic, the rest of her would probably be pretty unsafe to Landon's health and wellbeing if they got too intimate, meaning the pair can't merge/fuse without risking his life.

Does Landon pick hope or Josie?

Landon eventually realizes that he was wrong to assume he was in love with Josie, but has actually been in love with Hope all along, even when he could not remember it. He calls off the relationship with Josie and confesses his love for Hope; the two kiss under the mistletoe.

Why did Caleb make a deal with Malivore?

Of course, once Kaleb awakes he's pretty pissed off and decides to make a deal with Malivore in hopes to get Cleo back.

What can kill a Tribrid?

Weaknesses. Immortal tribrids can be killed via decapitation and heart extraction. If an immortal tribrid is bound and deprived of their werewolf nature they can then burn to death in the sunlight with a daylight amulet.

How did Legacies end?

In the Legacies series finale, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) was able to find closure in a message from her father, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and embark on a new chapter at the Salvatore School with Caroline (Candice King) serving as the interim headmaster.

Does Rafael love Hope?

For example, Rafael is a brief love interest for both Saltzman twins and experiences a crush on Hope, creating an uncomfortable and quick love triangle between Rafael, Hope, and Landon.

Why did Landon turn into a puddle?

As many are picking up on now, though, Landon never told Hope about the whole thing he had with Malivore taking over his body. Then Landon dissolves into a black puddle when they do the deed, which is also something one wouldn't expect out of Landon on a normal day.

What is the truth about Landon in Legacies season 3?

He returned from the prison world in episode 8, "Long Time, No See," but a few episodes later, in episode 12, "I Was Made To Love You," it was revealed that it hadn't actually been the real Landon at all, but a golem of Landon brought to life by Cleo in order for Hope to get over him and focus on her job of becoming ...

What happened to Landon in Legacies season 4?

Of course, this being Legacies, the show has found a way to revive many of the Super Squad's fallen soldiers. Landon's seemingly endless season 4 sojourn to Limbo finally paid off when the subplot granted him the powers of the Ferryman, thus allowing him to revive many of these dead characters.

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... he would kill Landon. well klaus did essentially set them up. ... I swear to god if this assassin monster thing kills Landon too... Change is weird.

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