Do Bearded Dragons Sleep?

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Like humans, bearded dragons are diurnal: they are awake during the day and they sleep at night. In their natural habitat, they are used to being awake when the sun is up and falling asleep when it is dark outside. For most people, this means that your bearded dragon should be sleeping when you are.

You may wonder, do bearded dragons need darkness to sleep? Bearded dragons cannot sleep unless it is total darkness. Even outside lights from the room or the tv bothers them so it is always best to cover the section where your dragon is sleeping so no light shines in. The best night time heating for bearded dragons is a ceramic heater or under floor heater.

Similarly one may ask, how long do bearded dragons sleep per day? Bearded dragons are diurnal; they sleep at night and are awake during the day. However, bearded dragons need more sleep than many humans do. Both baby and adult bearded dragons need eight to 12 hours of sleep each night. They require this much sleep to grow and maintain good health.

Besides above, can you wake a sleeping bearded dragon? Bearded dragon owners may need to wake their lizards up from naps for a number of reasons, including to clean the cage, to administer medication or to check on sick bearded dragons. Waking these animals up is generally very easy.

Likewise, do bearded dragons go into a deep sleep? Australian bearded dragons experience deep sleep, dreams, scientists say.

How long do bearded dragons live as a pet?

Their lifespan is usually 10 to 15 years or more, so they're quite a commitment. It's important to replicate their natural habitat as best you can. Learn more about how to care for your bearded dragon and how to keep them healthy and happy.

What time of day should you feed a bearded dragon?

As soon as you get your bearded dragon, no matter their age, their first feeding of the day must always be 2 hours after their lights first are turned on. Similarly, their last feeding needs to come at least two hours before the lights are turned off for the day.

How often do bearded dragons drink water?

Not all bearded dragons automatically "know" to take their water from bowls. If this concerns you and you don't think your pet is drinking out of his bowl, you can gently spritz water onto him using a spray bottle. Do this as long as he keeps drinking the water, roughly two times per week.

Can bearded dragons sleep with light?

White lights should not be used at night as bearded dragons need darkness for proper sleep. Additional nighttime heat, if needed, can be provided with ceramic heat emitters (preferred) or under-tank heat mats (may cause thermal burns).

Do bearded dragons need total darkness?

However, if temperatures do fall below 65°F, a ceramic heat emitter (CHE) is required for nighttime heat, as it produces no light. Bearded dragons need complete darkness at night and cool temperatures to boost their immune system.

How long can a bearded dragon go without a night light?

A bearded dragon can go for 1-2 days without UV light before it starts to get malnourished for its vitamin D, which is needed to absorb calcium.

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