Does Rain Make Dogs Sleepy?

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Although it is true that dogs can often tell when there are changes made to their routine, it is more likely that dogs feel more drowsy because of the rain naturally. The soothing sounds of the rain, cozy atmosphere, lower oxygen levels, and higher negative ion levels make dogs calm and drowsy.

You may wonder, does rain weather affect dogs? Just like humans, seasonal changes including thunderstorms, heatwaves, dark skies, wind and heavy rain can all affect your dog's behaviour. According to previous research conducted by the PDSA, a third of dog owners noticed their pet feeling sad during the colder months of the year.

Similarly one may ask, why does my dog get depressed when it rains? The Sound It Makes

Dog can hear four times stronger than we can, meaning the sound of thunder and pouring rain is much louder to them. This increase in noise can cause some dogs to become nervous and overwhelmed. Penn State did a study and found up to 30% of dogs are afraid of thunderstorms.

Besides above, do dogs sleep more during bad weather? Dogs have sharper senses, so they feel the same, and even twice, extreme comfort that we feel during winter. Apart from the “bed weather,” being less active, lack of exercise and slow metabolism are among the many reasons dogs sleep more in winter.

Likewise, can the weather make my dog act weird? Have you ever noticed that your dog's mood shifts with the weather? Storms, heat, cold, and the changing seasons affect our dogs, just like they affect us. Most dogs can even sense when the weather is about to change.

Do dogs act weird when the weather changes?

Relocating to an entirely new climate, however, can cause sudden shifts in your pup's mood. Depending on your dog's breed, you may notice that he becomes more or less active, and some dogs even show signs of irritation if the weather makes them too uncomfortable.

What to do with dogs when it rains?

10 Rainy Day Dog Activities to Keep Pups Entertained

  • Practice Nose Work With Hide and Seek Games. Amazon. ...
  • Take Pup to a Dog-Friendly Brewery or Store. ...
  • Let Doggo Chase Bubbles. ...
  • Work Their Brains With Puzzle Toys. ...
  • Schedule a Doggy Play Date. ...
  • Do Agility Training. ...
  • Play Tug-of-War, Fetch, or Soccer. ...
  • Have a Spaw Day.

Should I dry my dog after rain?

Keep Their Fur Dry

But rubbing them dry with a towel after outdoor adventures in the rain or muck is always a good idea. Some pampered pooches prefer the blow dryer, but few dogs can resist a brisk rubdown. Plus, when fur is left damp, it provides an excellent environment for: Molds.

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