Is Dream Fat?

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You may wonder, how is dream so big? He often played with GeorgeNotFound, SapNap, and BadBoyHalo, who are other Minecraft YouTubers that he helped grow. After the first manhunt video, all Dream had to do was to upload more videos, pulling in millions of views with each one. Dream has become one of the fastest growing channels in YouTube history.

Similarly one may ask, why did dream do his face reveal? He promised a face reveal when his friend, UK-based streamer GeorgeNotFound, moves to Florida because they have been friends for a long time and he wanted to show his face to his close friend. He seemed to figure it was as good a time as any to show himself to more than just George.

Besides above, why does dream wear a mask? Why does Dream wear a mask? In the intimate interview, Dream told Padilla that he didn't originally set out to always wear a mask. He wasn't trying to purposely hide his face from fans. But he “blew up so quickly” that the mask persona took root almost by accident.

Likewise, why dream big is not always good? Dreaming big does more harm than good, generally because it often leads to dissatisfaction and frustration. Dreaming right is dreaming with actual goals and milestones attached to that dream, eventually leading us to achieve that dream and lead a more satisfied and happier life.

Why do dreams exist?

There's a lot that experts don't know about why people dream and where dreams come from. However, the prevailing theory is that dreaming helps you consolidate and analyze memories (like skills and habits) and likely serves as a “rehearsal” for various situations and challenges that one faces during the daytime.

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