What Are First Class Honours In Australia?

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First Class Honours. Awarded to students in a Degree with Honours or an Honours Degree who have achieved results between 85-100% (or minimum WGPA 6.00).

You may wonder, what is a first class degree equivalent in australia? First Class Honours. 80 and above. H2A. Second Class Honours - A Division. 74 - 79.

Similarly one may ask, what is a first class honours degree equivalent to? A First-Class Honours (a '1st') = Grade A** An Upper Second-Class Honours (a '2:1', pronounced two-one) = Grade A* A Lower Second-Class Honours (a '2:2', pronounced two-two) = Grade A. A Third-Class Honours (a 3rd) = Grade B.

Besides above, what percentage of students get first class honours australia? These policies may vary also according to the degree year (higher percentages for later years), but generally, only 2–5% of students who pass (that is, who achieve raw marks of 50 or more) may be awarded a High Distinction grade, and 50% or more of passing students are awarded a basic Pass grade.

Likewise, how hard is it to get 1st class honours? To get a first-class degree at university, you'll usually need an average of around 70 percent or above overall. This average is calculated across coursework, presentations, projects and exams, so you'll need to achieve consistent good grades throughout university.

What GPA do you need for honors in Australia?

Honours I (First Class Honours): GPA of 6.00 - 7.00. Honours IIA (Second Class Honours, Division A): GPA of 5.50 - 5.99. Honours IIB (Second Class Honours, Division B): GPA of 5.00 - 5.49.

Is first class honours the same as distinction?

Distinction – typically 70% and higher. Merit – typically 60–69% Pass – typically 50–59%.
First Class Honours.


How do you say first class honours on a CV?

If you wish to write out the words 'first-class' to avoid any confusion, we recommend you do it the following ways: either 'First Class' or 'First Class Honours'. The most favourable way to write 'first-class' on your CV is to state it as either '1st' or 'first'.

What percentage of students get first class honours?

37.9 per centThe proportion of students attaining a first class degree has increased every year since 2010-11, from 15.7 per cent to 37.9 per cent in 2020-21.

How important is a first class honours degree?

Students must get a percentage above 70% to be awarded this degree, thus it is very challenging indeed. This degree is widely respected in the working world and puts you at a great advantage in job interviews, as you are more likely to be prioritised for the role.

Is it hard to get first class honours Australia?

First Class Honours. Awarded to students in a Degree with Honours or an Honours Degree who have achieved results between 85-100% (or minimum WGPA 6.00).

What is a good GPA Australia?

6 and 7Is a GPA of 6 good in Australia? GPA of 6 and 7 are considered as an excellent score in Australian universities and among Australian employers. GPA of 6 or 7 means Distinction or Higher Distinction.

What does it mean to graduate with Honours in Australia?

In Australia, an Honours degree is generally a one year qualification taken after an undergraduate degree and involves further study in a particular discipline area. In some areas, Honours is available as part of the final year of a four year undergraduate degree.

Which is the hardest degree to get a first?

LawLaw is officially the hardest subject to get a first class degree in4, so we all know it's hard going.

What does first class honors mean?

To distinguish between students on the basis of their academic achievement, undergraduate degree awards are classified as follows: First-Class Honours (70% and above): a first class degree, usually referred to as a 'first' or 1st, is the highest honours degree you can achieve.

How common is a first class degree?

About 36% of students were awarded the top grade in 2019-20 and 38% in 2020-21, according to analysis by the Office for Students (OfS). In 2010-11, it was just under 16%.

Is Australian Honours equivalent to Masters?

A bachelor degree is AQF level 7. A bachelor honors, graduate certificate, and graduate diploma are ranked as AQF level8. A master degree is ranked as the second last level, which is AQF level, which is only under the PhD program. As you can see here, the honours degree and master are on different levels.

What is a 4.5 GPA in Australia?

60% is considered a Pass (P) or a GPA of 4.0/4.5, and an average score in Australia.

What is an A+ in Australia?

Australian National University

GradeScaleUS Grade
HD80.00 - 100.00A+
D70.00 - 79.00A
CR60.00 - 69.00B
P50.00 - 59.00C

What is a bachelors degree called in Australia?

Duration of Qualifications

Advanced diplomaOne to two years (full-time)
Associate degreeTwo years (full-time)
Bachelor degreeThree to five years (full-time)
Bachelor degree (honours)One year (full-time)

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