Why Don't Vampires Sleep?

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You may wonder, why can't vampires sleep twilight? Twilight vampires can't go too long without blood or their abilities weaken just like TVD. They can go on for years and years without a drop of blood but it would lead to insanity. They're forced to stay awake forever if that's the case. That's one of the reasons why Edward wanted the Volturi to kill him.

Similarly one may ask, do vampires not sleep in twilight? Vampires: Vampires in the Twilight books are strong, fast, strikingly attractive and have marble-hard bodies. Unlike in most vampire stories, however, Twilight's vampires don't sleep, and they can be in sunlight without harm.

Besides above, how did edward get bella pregnant? Bella gets pregnant after one night of passionate sex with her husband Edward the vampire, sex that leads to the destruction of their idyllic honeymoon suite.

Likewise, why are bella's eyes red when she wakes up? Twilight vampires with red eyes are those who feed off human blood, such as Laurent, Aro, and the rest of the Volturi. However, vampires can also have red eyes when they're newborns; this as a result of the human blood still present in them, as was the case of Bella in Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

Do vampires have mates?

Some vampires do mate again, though this is rare. Vampire mates may be other vampires, or they may be humans. In the case of human mates, difficult decisions must be made about whether to turn them into a vampire.

Why are newborn vampires stronger?

Newborn vampires are always stronger than older ones, since their strength derives from the lingering human blood left in their body from their human life. A vampire's strength also enables them to leap incredible distances.

Why was Edward hard to sleep with Bella?

Edward can't have sex with Bella because he might accidentally kill her. Take that in for a second. Also, when they do finally have sex, she's left bruised and hurt and the bed is LITERALLY BROKEN IN HALF.

How do vampires reproduce?

A vampire is a non-dead and non-alive chimerical creature, which, according to various folklores and popular superstitions, feeds on blood of the living to draw vital force. Vampires do not reproduce by copulation, but by bite.

Do vampires have emotions?

Vampires and vampire-hybrids are able to feel emotions more strongly because everything is enhanced. Vampires also have control over their emotions. Emotions can empower witches and their magic, while werewolves are strengthened by anger, though they are also very susceptible to it.

When did vampires become attractive?

The vampire was hot in the 1920s and '30s, when Bela Lugosi took Stoker's Count Dracula, dressed him up in evening clothes and turned him into a slick-haired vampire variation on the reigning sex symbol of the day, Rudolph Valentino -- first onstage and then in a movie that ignited a horror boom and saved Universal ...

Do vampires breathe?

They don't need air to live, but they can still breathe. Normally, vampires breathe just as any other living being does.

Do the vampires in Twilight breathe?

Vampires can breathe, it just doesn't affect them. They don't need air to live, but they can still breathe. Normally, vampires breathe just as any other living being does. They don't actually need the air, but they still do it out of habit that carries over from their human days.

Can the Cullens sleep?

By vegetarian, the Cullens mean that they hunt animals rather than humans. (Edward's favorite blood: mountain lion.) Like all vampires, they sparkle in the sunlight; they do not sleep or age; they are freakishly fast and agile and cold to the touch.

How often do vampires need to feed Twilight?

Vampires only need to feed twice a month to keep their thirst under control. 9. Vampire eyes change based on how much blood they have consumed recently. Black: thirsty.

Can vampires cry in Twilight?

Well, you could say they can cry, but not really. They can't make tears.

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